About Us

At Go LED, we don’t just sell lights; we provide a promise of enduring quality.

Our products are among the longest-lasting in the industry, backed by a comprehensive warranty. We pride ourselves on delivering superior efficacy in our lighting solutions, ensuring that your project receives the best value at a competitive price.

Experience the blend of performance, longevity, and affordability with Go LED.

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The Go LED Buying Experience: Tailored to You

1. Personalized Consultation

Your journey with Go LED begins with a personal touch. Our lighting experts engage with you to understand the specific objectives of your lighting project – be it energy savings, environmental impact, or enhanced brightness. This initial consultation sets the stage for a customized lighting solution that aligns perfectly with your goals.

2. Detailed Lighting Audit

Whether it’s walking through your existing facility for upgrades and retrofits or analyzing blueprints for new constructions, our experts conduct a thorough lighting audit. This process includes assessing current lighting conditions, fixture counts, and providing a photometric report to visualize the post-upgrade brightness levels. Our goal is to gather detailed data to tailor our solutions to your specific needs.

3. Comprehensive Energy Audit

Using the insights from the lighting audit, our energy experts calculate your future energy usage post-upgrade. This step is crucial in illustrating the tangible energy and cost savings you’ll achieve with our lighting solutions. It’s not just about upgrading your lights; it’s about investing in a future of energy efficiency and savings.

4. Final Consultation and ROI Discussion

In our final consult, we present the findings from our audits, discuss financing options, and lay out the projected Return on Investment (ROI) for your project. This step culminates in creating a detailed invoice, setting the stage for the next phase of your lighting upgrade journey.

5. Installation Coordination and Rebate Assistance

Our commitment extends beyond the sale. We coordinate with certified installation vendors to ensure seamless project completion. Additionally, we assist in liaising with utility companies and state programs to help you secure eligible energy rebates, maximizing the value and impact of your investment with Go LED.