Welcome to the Future of Lighting

Our catalog showcases a diverse array of fixtures designed to revolutionize professional spaces. From offices to retail environments, each product embodies our commitment to energy efficiency, longevity, and unmatched performance. Explore our collection and discover how Go LED is redefining commercial lighting with unparalleled innovation and quality.

  • No-UV Tube Lights

    Engineered for safety and performance, this innovative lighting solution is perfect for environments sensitive to UV exposure, such as art galleries, laboratories, and healthcare facilities. Our No-UV LED Tube offers the dual benefits of high energy efficiency and a safer light environment, fully-eliminating the risk of UV damage to precious artifacts, sensitive materials, and human health.

  • LED T8 Tubes

    Revolutionize indoor lighting with Go LED’s LED T8 Tubes. Perfect for office and retail environments, these tubes offer a seamless upgrade from traditional fluorescents, providing brighter, more natural light with significantly reduced energy consumption. Easy to install and eco-friendly, they are an ideal choice for a sustainable and cost-effective lighting upgrade.

  • “Shoebox” Area Lights

    Brighten up outdoor spaces with Go LED’s “Shoebox” Area Lights. These LED lights, named for their unique, compact design, offer superior illumination for parking lots and streets. Durable and energy-efficient, they ensure consistent, bright lighting that enhances safety and visibility in any commercial outdoor setting.

  • High Bays

    Transform large commercial spaces with Go LED’s High Bays. Ideal for warehouses and industrial settings, these high-efficiency LED lights provide powerful, uniform illumination from above. Their robust design ensures longevity and minimal maintenance, making them a cost-effective and energy-saving lighting solution for expansive areas.

  • Wall Packs

    Designed for durability and energy efficiency, these LED fixtures provide bright, reliable lighting for exteriors such as parking areas and walkways. Their sleek design enhances safety and aesthetics, offering an easy-to-install, maintenance-free lighting solution.